Toasty Press Book Shop

When we met by a campfire, nearly ten years ago, it didn’t take long for my friend Tori and I to discover that we share a love for written words. It has been great to have someone to share book recommendations and writing samples with. Now, I’m excited to announce, we are in the process of creating ‘Toasty Press.’

Our goal for the press is to create and distribute poetry, short stories, and novels. Ultimately, we hope that other authors will work with us to accomplish this goal. Tori has taken the lead on making this happen by collecting poems from several authors and compiling Prosetry, which was the first work published by Toasty Press. 

Creating more books will take time. However, we do have several lists of books that one or both of us recommends. Please check out our recommendations at the Toasty Press ‘book shop.’ If you click on that link and then buy one of the books that we have recommended, or any other book you search for on that site, then Tori and I will receive a commission that will help us to continue building Toasty Press. Buying from that website also helps to support local bookstores. Learn more about the good work that is doing here.

In a nutshell: the next time that you would like to buy a book, please consider going through our book shop to do so. This will help us to publish more books, including a short story collection that I have been working on. You’ll know that you are supporting Toasty Press if you see our logo (see below) in the upper left corner of the screen when you are purchasing a book. Thanks much for your support!