Thin as a Rail

Interlochen Public Radio, an NPR member station, just published a segment about some of my PhD research! The episode is approximately 9 minutes long and focuses on my efforts to determine if broadcasted audio can attract rails to appropriate habitat. And the title, ‘Thin as a Rail,’ does not refer to me! Check it out here:


Finding Northern Indiana’s Lost Marsh

An article that I wrote about the Grand Kankakee Marsh and efforts to bring it back was recently published by Earth Island Journal, so I thought I’d share the link. The marsh was once the largest inland wetland in the U.S., but growing up in northern Indiana I mainly just saw agricultural fields where it had been.

Here is a map of the vicinity where the marsh occurred, and where it could be brought back:

Estimated former extent of the Grand Kankakee Marsh. The Century Atlas Company, 1897. Copyright: Jim Sweeney, 2016.