Short Story: ‘God is Great’

I had fun writing a story in response to a Reedsy prompt! The prompt was: ‘write a story about a couple with fundamentally different beliefs.’

Below is the link to the story, I hope you enjoy it and/or others in the weekly contest.

Perhaps you’d even like to share your own stories on that site!

Slip or Jump (a Novel) Readings

Below, I’ve shared two links to audio in which I read from my published novel, ‘Slip or Jump.’ Both of the readings can stand alone, and don’t need to be listened to in order. They are both passages that I had fun writing. Because I believe that the words could be useful to someone else, I decided to try a bit harder to share them.

The novel is about a young person who has an existential crisis after getting stoned and nearly jumping off of a cliff. He turns down a job, breaks up with his girlfriend, and goes on a road trip (without a car), during which he meets a lot of people while trying to come to terms with the death that almost happened, and a life which for the first time he honestly tries to understand.

I wrote this novel about five years ago, during my senior year as an undergraduate. I didn’t sell many copies, but feel very lucky that circumstance caused me to sit down and think long enough and hard enough about the things in this book to become a better writer, and a better person.

Reading # 1 is longer and involves Sam Steele (the main character) meeting his ex-girlfriend in a state park. Reading # 2 is shorter and involves Sam talking to a man with Parkinson’s disease. Enjoy.