Thin as a Rail

Interlochen Public Radio, an NPR member station, just published a segment about some of my PhD research! The episode is approximately 9 minutes long and focuses on my efforts to determine if broadcasted audio can attract rails to appropriate habitat. And the title, ‘Thin as a Rail,’ does not refer to me! Check it out here:


Virginia Rail in Cattails

My PhD dissertation research focuses on trying to help conserve secretive marsh birds. Specifically, a group of birds that are rarely seen or heard called ‘rails.’ The term ‘thin as a rail’ actually refers to this group! Because many people aren’t familiar with these birds, I thought I’d share a video that I recorded when in the marsh for research. The species in the video is a Virginia Rail, which is just a bit bigger than an American Robin.

I hope you enjoy the video! I like how the bird uses last year’s plant litter to stay safely concealed.