Project Prosetry

I’m super-proud of a friend of mine who had the great idea of collecting poems and drawings from a diverse group of friends and compiling a beautifully illustrated poetry collection. Here is a blurb about the book, called ‘Project Prosetry’:

“Welcome to our little book of prosetry, a term coined for weaving a continuous narrative between folks through the dissemination of poems and art inspired by that poetry. Poetry tells a story. Whether it is bad story, a love story, or a story about a sandwich. Our world thrives on interconnectedness from prosetry in all forms. Especially now. Read, write, doodle, and let us know if you want to add your work, too!”

Four of my poems are in this book, along with poems from other writers that keeps the reading fresh. Your work could be added, too! There are blank pages left for your contributions, which could be left safely there for just you or possibly submitted to a future edition of Project Proestry. If you think that you would enjoy some thoughtful words and drawings, perhaps you’d like to order a copy at this link:

Prosetry (