Dustin Brewer’s ‘blog’

I love to write, mostly to excise tedium-borne mental ‘tumors’ (only metaphorical, of course) that are too easy for adults to incur.

I don’t know what will come out.  Based on what goes in, my ‘blog’ (strange word) could involve musings about: the natural world (and why it needs protecting, for example),  music and literature (maybe a Vonnegut quote, or an as of yet unheard melody, will inspire some paragraphs), or something ‘far out’ such as what it might mean for us Earthlings if a newly discovered planet (as far as we are concerned!) shows signs of intelligent life.

Most of my writing exists in Word files and journals that I have lost or yet to lose.  Some of my writing also exists in the form of novels (published and unpublished).  A small portion will also now exist entirely for the purpose of being vulnerable on the internet.

That these words are vulnerable (able to be seen by you) means at least that I will feel obligated to think/write better, even if you care very little to read what I’ve written.  But I do hope that some of you care to read about something that I will write about.

And maybe someone on the other side of the world will have a lonely thought, which causes their fingers to type an obscure sentence into Google, which will run its algorithm to display my words to that person who has no idea who I am.  And they could decide that I’m an idiot.  But my words could help, and are much better used here – naked and there for anyone to see – than safe and unread in my journals or novels.


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